Furassur - insurance carers

Your certainty - our commitment

We strive to advise our clients objectively, completely and continuously about their insurance policies and claims.

Objectively because you need to be aware of the insured and non-insured cases.

Completely because you can make a choice between the large range of policies and guarantees.

Continuously because your situation and that of the market change regularly and because you are constantly informed about your claim file.

Our 12-person team is at your service every day, in one of our 3 offices or at your location. We divide ourselves into branch specialists, each with a specific domain.

This way we are sure of our commitment: that your certainty is always optimally guaranteed.

Our team

Alex Verbraeken

Michel Aché

Piet Van Eetvelde

Joris Pardon

Bénédicte Hoeven

Evy Van der Elst

Benedicte Verbraeken

Hilde Roelant

Karl Debontridder

Monica Wille

Marc-Antoine Van Haute

Any questions?

Drop in at our office without an appointment or make an appointment after office hours if this suits you better. Together we’ll look at which insurances best suit your situation.